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What if the future is predetermined and nothing you do can change it?

All he wanted was to go back to the future, but that also meant living in a world without her.

Time Travel romance, Time slip

Jessie Winterspring

a time travel fanatic who loves writing about ordinary people with extraordinary experiences.

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Life isn’t a fairytale. It doesn’t always have a
"happy ever after" for everyone.

[-Genre: Romance, short story, reincarnation]

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Standalone short stories

All she wanted was a peaceful life, but fate loved to play evil games.

Paranormal romance; vampire, Romance in uniform; Policeman

Kaito picked Akemi, an oversize girl, in a goukon because no one else did.

YA contemporary, holiday story

Sometimes, it only takes one person to make your dreary world feel meaningful.

Time Travel romance, Time slip, historical

Love, Die, Live short trilogy

A story of loss, love and reincarnation.

A disease that killed her mother is now coming for her like a nightmare.

Have you ever thought about having a second shot at life?

Life isn’t a fairytale. It doesn’t always have a "happy ever after" for everyone.

The Flame Squad series

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Blaze’s life had gone exactly according to plan. There was just one thing left: kill his wife and get her wealth.

Falling in love is not a part of the plan, but the heart is the hardest thing to fight.

She no longer want to live between secrets and shadows but an encounter with Efrain, made her decide to plunge into darkness once more.


I’m a Filipina romance author who loves using tropes like found families, cheerful characters with dark experiences, goofy, adorkable, and brooding heroes/heroines.I mostly write stories with time travel and paranormal elements, but I’ve published a few contemporary ones and have more than a dozen in my drafts. Those are complete crap, and the mere thought of rewriting them makes me want to pull my hair out.As a kid, I wanted to be a doctor, but when I developed a fear of blood after a traumatizing experience of being forced to watch The Omen Trilogy by my parents' religion when I was eight, I decided it's better to be a lawyer. However, financial restraints aside, it was obvious that my temper would land me in prison instead. So, I proposed to my husband and moved out of the Philippines.I often daydream of traveling through time, but this dream is more impossible than the first two, so I did the next best thing. I write about them and send my lucky characters on adventures that I should be having.The first time-travel story I’d written was FUMES VARIOLAS during the National Novel Writing Month in 2013 (not published yet). However, IN ANOTHER TIME was the first story idea I came up with back in 2006 while driving on the autobahn in Germany. It was during one of our many cross-country road trips from Spain to Norway. I wrote no notes for it, but the story lived in my head. I wrote many other romances through the years before I finally sat down and wrote it in 2019. It's scheduled for release on October 17, 2024.As a reader, I love reading different types of fiction but I avoid gory and certain horror stories. You can probably guess why. I have a strong affection for animals and nature. I live near the Mediterranean coast with my family and enjoy spending my time reading and falling in love with fictional characters. I also enjoy watching movies, telenovelas, Asian dramas, and anime while eating noodles with chopsticks and drooling over the 70s, 80s, and 90s music videos.When I'm not writing or reading, you can usually catch me on Instagram and occasionally posting a short story on my blog.

Welcome to the world of silliness where you might catch glimpses of things that shouldn't be seen, find yourself waking up in someone else's body with memories of a past life, or even get stuck in a time loop where nothing seems to make sense—haha, isn't it a ride?OKAY let's get serious.By becoming a member of my newsletter, you'll receive exclusive sneak peeks into my life, stay updated on my writing, book releases, and books on sale, and get updates of what I'm reading and my reading habits (which, admittedly, have been a bit slow lately.) You'll also gain insider access to content not available anywhere else... at least, not yet. Sometimes I even share snippets from my newsletter on my blog.If this sounds like your thing, why not join me? Just fill out the form below!

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-Just Like him-

November 9th, 1955, Alicante JailEighteen-year-old Celestina gripped her handbag tighter as she stepped inside an eerie stone corridor, a single guard leading her toward one of the cells. He called through the bars to the man inside, who sat up on the metal bed and raised his head.Celestina staggered back.The guard put a gloved hand on her elbow. “¿Estás bien?”She wanted to say “Si, I’m okay” and hide her emotion but her lips locked and her eyes widened when the prisoner turned his handsome oval face toward her. Her breath caught as her heartbeat sped up on seeing his dark-gray, hooded eyes—just as she remembered them from eleven years ago—but when a sneer appeared on his bow-shaped lips, she withered inside. This wasn’t the same man who raised her.He got to his feet and place his hand on the bar separating them. “¡Hola! Hermosita,” he said, the disgusting smile never leaving his face.She hated his insulting compliment. Hated how his eyes traveled down the length of her body. She struggled not to squirm, feeling as if an army of ants had crawled under her skin. But she endured it, looking him straight in the eyes. “¿Eres Ángel Castro Rivera?”The man’s face lit up, his leer widening into a menacing smile. “Si.”She swallowed, her throat sore from doing it so many times since leaving Beniardà. “Soy, Celestina. Hija de Maria Josefa De la Mota.”Ángel’s smile faded for a second before returning. “Well,” he drawled, his flirty tone gone, “daughter of Maria Josefa, why are you here?”“I’m your daughter.”
He looked at the guard, who shifted and turned toward the exit, but Celestina grabbed the hem of his uniform jacket, forcing him to stay.
Ángel sighed. “So, mi hija, what do you want from me?”
Good question. What did she want from him? Her mother turned thirty-three two months ago and, in her drunkenness, told her where her biological father was and that he looked just like her papá. And so, here she was after so much trouble proving her identity and so much preparation.The corners of her eyes stung, and her stomach churned. Ángel not only looked like the man who lovingly raised her, he sounded just like him. And worse, they shared the same name.
Her mother warned her that this man, her father, would never care about her or why she existed. Maria Josefa was right, this man and her papá looked identical, but she was wrong about everything else. They were not the same at all. Her papá was caring, but this father in front of her was a criminal. A prisoner. Murderer. He’d taken multiple lives and was nothing like her papá.
What was she even doing here?“I wouldn’t mind having some fun with your body,” he said as she turned on her heel, “just as I did with your mom. Although she was years younger than you then. She was what, uh, catorce? Si, si, she was fourteen. Oh, how good she felt.”Celestina turned back, raising her bag. Because of this brute, she never knew a mother’s love. Because of him, both she and her mother suffered every day. She needed to hit him at least once to release years of pent-up anger. But the guard grabbed her arm.
“Time to go,” he said.
¡Monstruo! I hope you die here!” She almost growled as the guard pulled her away.

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